What We Do

Are you having communication problems with your horse?  We can help you to understand how to solve horse problems, head tossing, won’t move out, won’t stop, running through the bit, spooking, picking up the feet and rearing up are just some of the common problems that people experience.  No whips, chains, spurs or harsh bits/devices, we focus on communication and understanding horse behaviour.

Our interest is in the Californio Vaquero style of horsemanship, are you interested in learning more about this style of horsemanship?  Would you like to learn the basics of using the Jaquima (traditional rawhide hackamore) and spade bit along with some of the fundamentals of Vaquero horsemanship?  We can help!

We can provide one on one or small group introductions to the proper techniques for groundwork and foundation building through to the round pen and beyond.  Communication is the key to understanding the Vaquero art of developing a feel.  We can help you understand the fundamentals of using a signal for communication that is not only applicable to the Jaquima but may also be applied to the snaffle bit as well as the two rein and spade or any other communication device you may choose to use.

We will connect you with clinicians and resources that assist in guiding you to the traditional Vaquero methods.  We will post event schedules of including colt starting, cattle handling, roping, rodeos and advanced horsemanship across the region and north America.  When we have contacts in other countries we will provide links to their sites and events.  Our blog section will develop with a variety of useful information, videos and articles from horsemen practicing the Vaquero traditions.


The two rein is an intermediate step between starting training in the Jaquima and becoming a finished Bridle Horse. The two rein requires using two communication devices to signal the horse.

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The Jaquima is a very simple bridle used by the Vaquero but it is fundamental to the development of the seemingly magical communication between horse and the Vaquero. The Jaquima consists of three component parts.

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The Wade Saddle was also developed in the late 1800’s but by an unknown saddle maker. The original saddle was passed from father, Aron Wade, to son, Clifford Wade, and then copied by Hamley’s, in Oregon, in 1937 at the request of Clifford Wade.

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The Visalia Saddle was one of the more popular saddles of its day and is still a saddle being made and in use by Vaqueros. The tree and the saddle were originally developed around 1870.

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Freno is a Spanish word that means “stop” or “brake”. The Vaquero would train a horse from Jaquima a Freno or “from hackamore to spade bit”. The spade bit is a “balance bit” that sits on the horse’s palate more comfortably, despite its size, than a snaffle bit or other forms of bit.

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