• Understanding Ray Hunt

    Understanding Ray Hunt

    I have learned a lot from watching Ray Hunt videos and reading his books. I think that many folks pick up one or two quotes but don’t dive deeper to understand what Ray was pushing – good horsemanship.

  • To Bute or not to Bute:

    To Bute or not to Bute:

    Bute is overprescribed and overused, and unfortunately many horse owners are unaware of the longer term implications of its use.

  • Styles of Horsemanship

    Styles of Horsemanship

    I used to think that there were styles of horsemanship, types, varied by something exogenous – some external variant, a piece of equipment, a type of horse, whatever. Now, I finally understand that horsemanship is horsemanship, there is no such thing as bad horsemanship, such a thing is simply not horsemanship at all.