Tom Locke

My riding experience is multi-faceted, starting as a child with hunter-jumper style and then much later, I started to ride in the “western” style.  After restarting my first horse, a four year old AQH, I developed an interest in colt starting and have started or helped start a number of horses since.  These have included older horses that were never started under saddle.

In each case I have followed the principle that the “horse is always right” – at least in its understanding of what is being asked of it.  If the horse responded the way I wanted then I knew it understood what I was asking, if things didn’t go according to Hoyle I would rethink my approach – always observing their reaction to see if they are trying.

After following a variety of different horsemen and horse trainers on YouTube, I started to follow Martin Black and Buck Brannaman, watching their videos and reading some books.  A few years later, frustrated with my progress I attended my first Martin Black clinic, as a fence sitter, at the Golden Spike Arena, in Ogden, Utah.  I had found exactly what I was looking for.

I attended more Martin Black clinics in Bruneau, Idaho and Hempstead, Texas, initially to learn to use the two rein and develop my horses to go straight up in the bridle, but then I became hooked on learning what Martin had to offer, and I still am.  As a result of getting around Martin and taking lessons with him my understanding of his books and videos was greatly enhanced.

Although restricted by government lockdowns and travel mandates, I remain an avid student of the horse, and I continue to practice and develop myself and my horses based on the principles I have learned and look forward to taking more lessons as restrictions ease. In the meantime I enjoy helping others learn and discover this wonderful art and style of horsemanship.