Improper Jaquima Use

Ironically, for many horses, improper Jaquima use may be a lot better than continuing to use a bit improperly. I developed a very keen interest in the use of the traditional methods of the Great Basin Vaquero and made it a goal to bring a horse from Jaquima a Freno (hackamore to spade bit), but most people don’t have such lofty goals. Most folks just want to get along with their horses a little better.

People who have harsh hands might want to change, but they may find that making the change is insurmountably challenging. After all if a horse has learned to tolerate being knocked and banged on, albeit by someone who simply doesn’t know any better, he won’t likely respond to a soft (more kindly cue) and the rider will quit trying and return to what “works”.

Fitting a horse, that already knows how to move away from pressure, with a bosal creates a whole new, novel, form of pressure, a form that the horse hasn’t learned to brace against. The result is the horse may get off the pressure faster than it might the pressure of a bit, that it has become dull to. Although the rider may never achieve much in the way of performance from incorrect use of the Jaquima at least the horse might be getting a better deal than it would from twisted wire bits and tie-downs.