Buck Brannaman Clinic – Buffalo, NY

A group of us from Ontario went down to Buffalo to fence sit at Buck Brannaman clinic this weekend. My friend Penny and I had been to a clinic at the Legacy of Legends back in 2019, at Fort Worth in Texas.

Buck was, as usual, very gracious, and allowed our group to have pictures taken with him, which is always a thrill for folks getting around his clinics for the first time.

I was able to talk briefly with Buck about future clinics and he advised that is slowing down and splitting clinics into biannual affairs so that he can maintain his portfolio but still slow down a little.

I mentioned how much we have enjoyed the Legacy of Legends and asked if that might come back, Buck said “I‘m looking at that, but Caroline (Ray Hunt’s widow) has slowed down and isn’t likely to take it on“.

I didn’t get to say it, but I for one would certainly like to see reunion between Buck and Martin Black, two top flight clinicians who each had their own, quite different reasons to get around Ray, Tom and Bill (Dorrance) and learn their ideas and principles.

A huge shout out to Gail Pearles and her husband, who bought this clinic so close to home, and were very gracious hosts. We stayed and fence sat all day Saturday, Brenda was taking copious notes, unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take videos but we each got a whole bunch of photographs and voice recordings of Buck’s instructions to the more than fifty riders (split into morning and afternoon sessions). So, we may weave some of that together into videos for the YouTube Channel.

Riders in attendance came from a variety of riding disciplines apparently including Hunter Jumper, Dressage as well as a cross section of Western Equestrian sports. The most common theme, for everyone, to improve was communication through lightness, feel, timing and balance.

To find out more about Buck’s upcoming Clinics, cruise on over to his website.