Working Equitation Canada – Ontario

Working Equitation Canada – the Official Canadian Sanctioning Body is working on developing a presence in Ontario.  Plans are underway to roll out educational clinics, and other sanctioned training and schooling events in the new year.

If you haven’t experienced WE before, but are looking for a fun and challenging activity for you and your horse check out this collage of videos depicting Pedro Torres and his fabulous 20 year old Lusitano in various competitions.  You may be forgiven for not noticing the background and lighting changes between events, Pedro’s skills are mesmerizing.

There are no restrictions on the breed of horse that can compete, or riders’ background training, this is a brand new sport struggling to emerge into the Province of Ontario and everyone is learning together.

There are three major components, horsemanship based on classical dressage, obstacles that are similar to XC events, and stockmanship handling cattle from horseback.  What a great sport to develop a variety of skills for both horse and rider.

Stay tuned for more details, developments and clinics, in future blog articles.  Be sure to check the links!